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Sim'd RBD object to stop in exact location?

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Hi people,

I'm wanting to drop and object as an RBD sim, but have it finish in a specific xyz position and orientation. Basically, I want to drop a bunch of letters and have them form a word. At the moment, they land as I expected they would, but I was wondering if I could 'nudge' them to land in the right place? The realism of the sim isn't too important, but it would be difficult to get the feeling of them falling, if I tried to animate the letters by hand from start to finish.

Can I cache the sim and add a value to it, over time, so it ends where I want it to?

Can I run the sim and add to the XYZ co-ords as it's running?

I could, of course, sim it in Maya or 3ds Max... convert it to keyframes... blend in a final rest pose... and import the Alembic, but I wanted to know if I could do the whole thing in Houdini before reverting to a method I actually know?




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Posted (edited)

yes they do bounce against each other

(ONE line of VEX:rolleyes:)

(and don't assume I'm a VEX guru...infact completely opposite)



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Hey I am running into a similar situation do you mind sharing the method of approach you did to achieve that awesome result noobini? Any insight would be appreciated

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