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 My goal is to make a river, to which I am going to do the shading with an ocean surface and ocean volume. To this river I want to pour a liquid with viscosity.  I also want to do an independent shading to this liquid.

How far I have come is:
I have made the river using a flip solver, and put it inside the flip object as an initial state.
I introduce the viscosity liquid in the same dopnet, through a volume source.
So I have the perfect collisions between the two liquids. If to both emitters I place a color node at the sop level, in the final cache I will have this information, but I do not want a simple color, I want to be able to do a good shading to each of the liquids.
The problem is that I can't separate them to be able to do the shading independently. I have tried removing the viscosity attribute after the flip fluid source in maya, but the result is not good.

I would appreciate some help.

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