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Houdini Hive 2020

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now c'mon, own up, when it came to the Paint, Peaks and Primitives and the tool called Stroke-it, don't tell me you didn't immediately think of Clarence Carter.

I stroke it to the East, I stroke it to the West, I stroke it to the geo that I love the best...whoo !!!:wub:


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one thing I noticed is...don't randomise just for the sake of randomising.

ie. take  the supplied market scene for example...on the shelves...objects are randomly placed just to please the eye of the beholder.


You go to a nursery, the rosemary pots are placed together, the basil pots are place together, roses are placed together

You go to clothing store, boys shirts are placed together, women's bras are placed together...etc...etc

You go to the supermarket, tomatoes are placed together, cucumbers are placed together...etc..etc..

Imagine you go shopping and all objects are randomly placed...WTF ?!?!?!?!?!

So to all the 3D ppl that go on and on and on about having an eye for detail...or...in real life blah blah blah....have a close look next time you're in the shops....SNORRRRT.

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