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Ubuntu partitioning issue


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I have been working with Ubuntu 18 and no issues. I did a clean install with these partitions on my 1TB NVME2 m.2. I want to make my 1TB nvme my Ubuntu partition. When i did the clean install with these partitions i ran into some issues. not sure if it a hardware issue or what. When i got to the desktop the first time without needing a PW or having to log in no issues just that the app/software store was saying snap was missing when i tried to click install for things like VLC OBS or visual studio. i did a reboot and this time it would require a PW. when i enter my PW correctly, it take me back to the screen where i need to click on the user and enter PW again. i did this 10-15 times and no luck. never ran into this with Ubuntu 18. not sure what the problem is. maybe you can advise if my partitions are off, if i need to create them in gpart or if i should leave it up to the installer to make the partitions. Maybe i only create the swap and thats the only one then install. or maybe i only have root on the NVME and the rest on a HDD like swap and /tmp to make the nvme last longer since it will contain my houdini files for fast read and write speeds. what do you advise and how can i fix the problem?

/root 30GB physical ex4

Swap 64GB logical 

/root/var 30GB logical ex4

/boot 2048 MB logical ex4

/tmp 64GB logical ex4

/home rest of the space think 820GB logical ex4



128GB ddr4 3000

ryzen 1980x 3.6ghz

kraken x62 liquid cooling

x2 Nvidia GTX 1080 TI hybrid

1000 Watt PSU

x1 nvme2 1TB 

x1 NVME2 500GB (windows Primary)

x1 HDD 500 GB (windows Secondary)

x2 HDD 4TB (External storage)


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