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OpenCL Issue

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Hi all,

I have an Alienware m15 that I am trying to setup simulations on. However, I keep getting this error message indicating that Houdini could not access my GPU (RTX 2060) and falls back on my CPU. Has anyone experienced this before or know how to remedy it?

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Houdini should respect your graphics card. The RTX 2060 is from January 15, 2019 so make sure you are on a version of Houdini that is created past that date i.e. if you are working with the latest production build of Houdini this should not be an issue.

The second thing I would look for is to make sure your drivers are up to date. If they are the latest driver maybe roll back to last major driver, sometimes the newest drivers are ahead of the dcc developer cycle.  

The third thing I would check is to see if any other dcc or game does not recognize them too. Then it may be a more common issue like the drivers are the problem, or your motherboard may need updated drivers to see it correctly. 

Fourth I'm guessing this is very slim is that your OS is not recognizing the graphics card for some reason. Perhaps the cards is bad, or not set correctly, or your using an OS that may not support the drive.

Houdini and Nividia's rarely have an issue. If it's none of these issues above I would send in a support ticket to SideFX with your system info Help > About and saving out all the info to disk and the card information. There is a rare chance that this specific GPU may be different. Generally that is reserved for the likes of your onboard intel graphics cards on your motherboard, which Houdini does not like, and will not support. 

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Check your preferences. There is a drop down that will allow you to select your OpenCL device. The message suggests that you may have defaulted to the Intel based implementation instead of the nVidia.

Also the main thing to consider is does your simulation actually fit within the ram of the video card? When I google the 2060rtx I see that it only has 6GB. That's not a lot when it comes to a simulation. Its easy to exceed that.

One way to test that is to pull down the example file at this link and follow the instructions.


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