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Independent surface tension

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I am trying to achieve the effect of having a solid piece of geometry sitting as a fluid, being brought in by either volume source of pop source. This initial piece just has fluid ripples.

The second part is I have emitters in the same dop network that are there to create a dripping effect. So it looks like this liquid that is holding shape is dripping.

The problem is that I cant seem to create independent surface tension for the two separate sources. If I increase the surface tension to what I need then the main piece of geometry gets washed out.


I have been looking for a solution to this but nothing comes up for Houdini 18

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The geo that is supposed to hold it's shape, why don't you just do the ripple's on SOP level. Don't run a fluid sim for that. 

Then run a fluid sim to get the drips and merge those with the geo that has the ripples on.

With the same shader, when rendered, you should be able to achieve the result you are looking for

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The reason I decided to do it with fluid is to get better interaction between the two so when the drips emit they deform the other geometry.

Also I am now more so genuinely curious how am I supposed to have micro solvers affect only the source I want haha.

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