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Visualizing mathematical things using Houdini

Hojun Yoon

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Hello, I recently started Houdini and I realized it can be used as a powerful visualization tool for learning mathematics.

I visualized the slope field of Lotka-Volterra equations, which are commonly known as predator-prey model.

Also, I posted a more detailed explanation of my work on my website.


Now, I'm very interested in learning lighting/post-processing skills. So I'd like to know if there are great tutorials on it.

Thank you!

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@Hojun Yoon Welcome
 I would recommend this tutorial if you already didn't see or discovered ..Its 6 part tutos.. It has nice Tricks ..For post processing You can use Cops( you have nice tutorial on Sidefx Forum) or if you search you have some Nice tutos about Digital Fusion and EXR



Have Fun



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