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Hi All,

Quick question about KineFx, i can import the FBX animations, combine them with the motion clip blend/sequence, then i use motion clip evaluate to finish.

My question is, is there a way to edit (rig pose) an amination after the motion evaluate or the bone deform?


As it seems i can only edit up till you use motion clips, or am i missing something.


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Using a Rig Pose after MotionClip Evaluate should work. If you're modifying after Bone Deform, then you're editing the mesh so it's going to be harder. There's no difference about this with nodes in Houdini. Each node takes in some geometry and outputs some geometry. How the input geometry got that way is irrelevant.

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Thanks for that, it worked, and very handy.


Now i have a second issue, How do i smooth out the whole animation, is there a smooth option, as t have all the clips all tied together and animated. but its still needs an overall smoothing (or selected fram ranges), is there a way to do that in KineFX.

Or do i need to bake it to keyframes (but i don't know either method)



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Ahh so if the one below is what you mean, seems i have to go into CHOPs, I was hoping there is an easier way.

Is there no way just to bake the whole animation from 'BoneDeform' to keyframes, then apply some smoothing on the keyframes?.



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