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Compositing As an FX Artist?



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  1. 1. Position

    • FX Artist
    • Generalist
    • Compositor
    • Modeler/Rig
    • Motion Graphics Artist
    • Other
  2. 2. What Software Do You Composite In?

    • Nuke/NukeX
    • After Effects
    • Blackmagic Fusion
    • Maya Toxik
    • Other/Proprietary
  3. 3. If compositing is required of you as a Houidni Artist, to what degree?

    • Significant/Majority of the time is spent compositing FX you made into shots.
    • 50/50. It is evenly divided between FX work and compositing.
    • Sometimes. From time to time it is asked of you to composite a complete shot.
    • Occasionally/Rarely. You have been asked a few times, either out of necessity or because you asked for composite work.
    • Slap Composites only.
    • Not Applicable / You do not composite.

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Slapcomps is great, if only for yourself, to be able to judge how your FX will hold up. It's usually easier to get it approved too if it looks good and is shown in context. You dont have to be a compgod, but it definitely helps. Say you're doing sparks, showing the particles against black will probably get you nowhere - but if you apply a glow and put it on the plate with some basic roto it might get approved straight away. It depends on what effect you are doing too, a rigid body sim might not need a lot of comp but a magic effect is probably consisting of mostly comp to create the effect.

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