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Cushion pattern

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On 11/18/2020 at 9:24 PM, konstantin magnus said:

Here is a way:


There is a small bug in your file, the input geo to sweep1 is not an Eulerian path on the points, and about half of the edges are swept twice, hence potential problems down the graph (either some zfight at render time / boolean problems / bad performance...) 

I think it can be fixed with a few Divide / Remove shared edges / Group Edges / Unshared + some logic to find the longest outer edges or something

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Posted (edited)

Hi Antoine, maybe I'd rather come up with a clean input curve such as a mirrored zigzag-line:

v@P.x += i@ptnum % 4 == 0;
v@P.x -= i@ptnum % 4 == 2;


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