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Exporting Fur from Houdini to Maya (Redshift)


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Hi, i've been trying to export my fur from Houdini to be rendered into maya with redshift through rop alembic, but when I cache the nurbs they don't render at all, so I tried to convert the fur with a polywire and exported in fbx. It works, but it's still a polywire, what am I supposed to do to maintain the original fur? (Tried to install redshift in Houdini for a proxy export, checked the .env file with the correct path installation, but the plug-in won't show off in the houdini shelf). Should I try to cache in bgeo and make the hairgen a digital asset with Houdini engine or there are other ways to make this work? I'm using Houdini v. 18.5.408 and redshift v. 3.0.31.

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Hi, thanks for the reply, been busy whole day; shared a couple of screens, not sure if i'm exporting correctly, I discovered that my redshift version doesn't support the 18.5.408, so I moved to 18.0.597, tried to use a @width in the polywire node to keep the same wire radius throughout the hair. Exporting only nurbs doesn't render at all with redshift in maya, other than that i'm not sure if the path for the plug-in is installed correctly in Houdini. 








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So is redshift working now? if so go the proxy route.

If not do the alembic curves from Houdini load them in Bifrost convert them to poly and render or just read the data in, output it, and do redshift proxy in Maya.

Again if you can share the .hip that would be better, it doesn't have to be the whole thing just give me something to work with. 

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Hi, thanks for the reply, i'll share the file; I managed to install redshift, but I don't actually know how to work with Bifrost at all, exporting with an alembic file creates one nurb inside a group and I can't do anything with that, other than the fact that I can't move at all in the maya viewport. 


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Here you go this loading the alembic in BF and render it or as I mentioned before, from this output you can create RS proxy. 

Download BF, the rebel pack, and MJCG Compounds 




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