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Path deform - loop geo on curve


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Is it possible to loop geometry (like a tube) on a closed curve (like a circle)

When I use path deform the start and end of the tube continues in a "straight line", at the "end/start" of the guiding curve. I would like to create a "loop" where the tube continues it's deformation around and around.



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1 hour ago, Aizatulin said:


probably it is not possible with the path deformer, but with the new "orientation along curve" node you can create your own basic path deformer with a few lines of VEX. If you want to loop, you can apply %1 on the (curve)u parameter. Here is an example.


I havze to do a Vex similar solution but not the same reason. One thing i found counter intuitive to maybe not possible is to be sure the geo will deform on all the curve lenght. So if i give 20 curves with different lenght, i will also adjust to fit.

I can't make it with the path deform, quite a relatively complex node if you dive inside but well with few line sof vex, i get what 50 nodes didn't and faster :)

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I like the new path defomer (at least there is one), it offers a lot of functionality, but sometimes there are little things, which are missing and it is hard reimplement them into the existing one. On the other side, VEX combined with low level operators is always a good fall back if you need flexibility.

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I wish SideFX could go all the way with their tools, clearly they had looping in mind when creating the Path Deform SOP, this is from the docs:



Copy Up Control to End | This will set the up vectors at both the start and end of the curve to be as close as possible to the Curve Up Control. This is useful when the curve is meant to be a loop.


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The curve you are feeding into the path deform is not closed. If it was closed it would shade as a polygon.
If you remove, the 'ends' and 'fuse' nodes it works as you would expect.
You could also put an 'ends' node after the fuse with the option 'Close Straight' in 'Close U' to close it again.


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@stheos, thanks, you're right.

The distinction between a closed and open curve here is unclear, since the 'fuse' does connect the curve end to end. I find it at least non-obvious, it's not in the docs and it cause me quite some time problem-searching.

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