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right vex code for velocity to particles

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I am thinking that I've forgot the vex code for giving birthed particles some velocity...

I have used this code to give some velocities to the particles...

@N = @N

@v = @N 


but now I am back at Houdini and I have tried it again and somehow it isn't working anymore...

And how should I start to achieve the result like in the video? 

I am trying to get the main explosion burst on the torus so that I can use the same way to my already modeled falcon 9. There is a "ring" of smoke which I like to replicate to my torus...

The air explosion from 0:18 to 0:22


I would be very glad if someone could help me

Thanks in advance



Problem velocity particles code.jpg

falcon 9 explosion.jpg

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It looks likes you are setting the velocity after the simulation. That won't have an effect on the particles inside the popnet. Try moving the popnet to the end of your network chain.

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