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Long loading of complex Digital Asset

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I created a rather complex Digital Asset. It consticts of ~2000 nodes, and also there is ~60 instances of another asset inside this asset. 

I optimized it thought cleaning nodes throught performance monitor, and now It computes rather fast after loading, but LOADING takes nearly 10 seconds. It's became a real problem because in my hip file I need to use it rapidly many times. 

Is there any way to speed up loading of asset?

And after creating every instance of this asset Houdini increases ram usage at ~500 mb, it's also a problem...

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Well, I remade my asset. The most heaviest operations rebuilded on vex. Asset works maybe 2 times faster. But still long initialization.

I found that if asset is constructed from many-many nodes, especcialy if it's another custom digital assets, it have a long time for initialization. But after that it computes quite fast. And Hip file also have a quite long time to open.

This is normal or not?

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I think its normal that it gets slower the more nodes you have. I once had a scene with literally thousands of nodes, mainly inside HDAs and nested HDAs (the vellum nodes are particularly nasty, many of them contain sooo many nodes). It took a good 5-10min to open that scene.

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