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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, thought I'd share this in this section too: I wrote an article for the german “Digital Production” magazine about my free LYNX VFX toolset. For the article I made a couple of renderings using the LYNX fabric tools. Luckily it even made the cover Here are my personal favorites, the rest of the images can be found on Artstation. You can also find the complete scene on GitHub under the Demo Files. So now anyone can design an ugly Christmas Sweater;) Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with, enjoy! Links: LYNX VFX Toolset Odforce Thread: https://forums.odforce.net/topic/42741-lynx-free-opensource-vfx-pipeline-tools/ LYNX VFX Toolset (Sweater Scene File included): https://github.com/LucaScheller/VFX-LYNX Artstation (HighRes Renderings): https://www.artstation.com/artwork/OyeY6g Digital Production Magazin: https://www.digitalproduction.com/ausgabe/digital-production-01-2020/ Alternatively view the article in my latest blog post: https://www.lucascheller.de/vfx/2019/12/15/ynybp7wpiqtshoy/
  2. Hello, I am creating an digital asset for a personal project that I am working on. As soon as I saved the digital asset, all the parameters are locked and I cannot change it. Can someone please tell me how to edit those parameters? I have attached a screenshot of edit parameter interface, in parameter description, you can see all of the fields are locked except for a few. Thanks for your help
  3. I created a rather complex Digital Asset. It consticts of ~2000 nodes, and also there is ~60 instances of another asset inside this asset. I optimized it thought cleaning nodes throught performance monitor, and now It computes rather fast after loading, but LOADING takes nearly 10 seconds. It's became a real problem because in my hip file I need to use it rapidly many times. Is there any way to speed up loading of asset? And after creating every instance of this asset Houdini increases ram usage at ~500 mb, it's also a problem...
  4. Hello, I thought that I would share a side-project I started this last month because I lost a bit of steam (no pun) and thought that it would be curious to receive some feedback. The Digisoup began as an idea to create a procedural recipe that creates and fills a bowl of soup with various ingredients. The initial to do: bowl, stock, dumplings, veg, seasoning, steam, etc. The bowl or vessel was modelled independently but used as a source object for the other ingredients. Spring onion, spices, chilli, dumplings, eggs and noodles have all been drawn within a procedural framework - I intend to do posts explaining each ingredient if anyone is interested. The stock (liquid of the soup) is primarily a shading exercise, and on that note all of the shaders are also procedural and do not utilise bitmaps or external references. The intention with that was to be able to control 'fattiness' or 'richness' of the soup we are about to enjoy. I haven't yet documented the entire process but here are some of the shots I've managed to salvage while working in progress. At some point the project began to evolve into figuring out the context around the bowl with some embedded procedural tricks - I will expand on this later! Would love to hear your thoughts! Cheers.
  5. We are only able to consider applications sent directly through our website. Please apply here: https://www.lumapictures.com/careers The Role of the VFX Production Manager is to organise all aspects of a VFX project, including scheduling shots, tasks and helping to cast out projects, setting achievable delivery milestones and attending both intern and external reviews. Working in close collaboration with the Producer and Supervisors the VFX Production Manager will ensure the smooth flow of projects through the facility. You can: Plan and schedule facility resources with the VFX Producer and Supervisors Attend internal and external reviews and meetings Be responsible for overseeing the daily assignment to individual artists and departments on a whole Communicate with clients, editorial and in-house management Track and update progress of VFX shots in database Run production reports as required by Producers/Supervisors Motivate individual artists as well as the team as a whole Manage and guide the team of Production Coordinators You have: A minimum of 3 years of VFX Production Management experience on feature films A college/university degree or the equivalent combination of education and/or experience A thorough understanding of Production pipelines and how work flows through. A thorough knowledge of MS Office; particularly Excel (an understanding of Project is also beneficial) Knowledge of either ftrack or Shotgun preferred Excellent communication and interpersonal skills A high level problem solving skills The ability to adapt to change Extremely detail oriented and well organised skills Be able to grow and thrive in a fast paced environment A cool head under pressure A strong work ethic
  6. We are only able to consider applications sent directly through our website. Please apply here: https://www.lumapictures.com/careers The Senior Digital Matte Painter is responsible for the painting of photo real CG environments, elements and textures. You can: Create photo-realistic digital matte paintings Work with shoot data (photographic, reference data, HDRIs and photogrammetry) to combine 2D and 3D elements Work with various camera focal lengths and output requirements while maintaining a good sense of composition Research and create your own photographic reference material library Demonstrate a desire to research and implement new techniques to continually improve team efficiency and your own quality of work You have: A minimum of five years of experience as a Matte Painter in VFX Production An expert knowledge base in both Nuke and Photoshop A Bachelor's degree in traditional arts, computer graphics or the equivalent combination of education and experience A demonstrated understanding of other disciplines ; modelling, layout, matte/texture painting, lighting, rendering and compositing. An in depth knowledge of colour theory and LUT Sound artistic judgement and a proven aesthetic eye for real world materials and lighting A high level of technical skill A strong work ethic with a "get it done" attitude A meticulous attention to detail Solid time-management skills and ability to multitask across multiple projects An ability to take direction positively, work well within a team and thrive under the pressure of tight deadlines Experience with concept art (preferred but not required) *This position is open in both our LA and Melbourne studios
  7. We are only able to consider applications sent directly through our website. Please apply here: https://www.lumapictures.com/careers Are you a Digital Coordinator? You can: Coordinate various departments (Asset/Anim/Comp/Lite/FX/etc) both accurate & quickly Review all incoming notes for department relevance and distribute as needed with the supervisors & leads Track/manage notes, receivables, artist tasks and assignments Walk the floor, gather artist needs, follow up on action items Manage render farm priorities Evaluate incoming media & breakdown information with supervisors Take notes & action items at internal and client meetings Set up Cinesync & RV sessions Multitask Work well under pressure Relocate if necessary You have: At least 2 years VFX production experience Experience working in & knowledge of the VFX pipeline Proactive mindset with communicating priorities & completing tasks quickly & efficiently Exceptional organizational and communication skills A team player mentality with a 'get it done' attitude Ability to take direction positively Meticulous attention to detail Time management skills Interpersonal skills A strong work ethic
  8. Hey Guys! I have a pretty newbie question about some Python and HDA interaction. So in a nutshell I'm trying to create an HDA with implemented Python script which does the following: 1. I have an Original Geo, which is object merged in my HDA. 2. I select some primitives on my original geo (or on the HDA). 3. After I selected my primitives, with a press of a button on my HDA, the selected primitives will be added to a group's pattern parameter inside my HDA. 4. And of course it would be great if this could work with a relative reference, so if I copy my HDA multiple times it'll update the groups within the correct HDA. I have this code so far: import toolutils viewer = toolutils.sceneViewer() geo = viewer.selectGeometry() s = geo.mergedSelectionString() # How can I make THIS PATH relative reference? n = hou.parm('/obj/Colorzied_Geo_Asset_1/Colorized_GEO/group1/pattern') n.set(s) I put together a pretty simple example file and the hda, which will hopefully help you guys understand what I'm trying to achieve. In case my explanation is a little confusing. selectedPrims_python_problem_v001.hip colorzied_geo_asset.hda Any help or nudge in the right direction would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! Best, Laszlo
  9. Hi, when creating channel defaults inside digital asset I can set it as a value or hscript expression. Is it possible to set it to python expression? A way would be to create OnCreated script which will assign expression to a channel, or use some hscript for executing python command. But I am curious if there is another - better way Juraj
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