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UT_NetPacket::read: Not enough space

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Hello, sorry I am posting here too, but I have no answer from sideFX forums and I am pretty stuck.

UT_NetPacket::read: Not enough space

I am rendering on RedShift (3.37) on Houdini (18.5.462) and I get this error a lot.
the images are quite big (8k) and the render stops when it reaches about 135 frames. 
I have to restart it and it stops again 135 frames later. 
It just stops the render and display this msg in the console.

I've been told it is a firewall problem.
Somebody can help me get rid of this ?

Many thanx.


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I'm pretty sure this means that you don't have enough ram to fit all the rendered images into ram, and this is pretty obvious because 135 8k images is a huge amount of data. What you can do is render to disk and open your images in a new instance of mplay to see it.

I'm not sure this comes from this but it could come from something like this.





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Don't know if you already do like this but in case
Use : Render to Disk
In the Output->Common tab of the redshift ROP : disable render to MPlay

I frequently render High resolution sequence and using Mplay make renders fails. Once I totally "deactive" it, there is no more problems.
As Romano say, it's a RAM problem. MPlay shall keep the images in memory, and can't handle memory overflow.
The fact that the rendering fails every 135 frames confirm this.

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Guys, many thanx. Merci beaucoup.

I just never figured Mplay was of course keeping the displayed images in ram.

Strange things is that my cameras are cropped into the 8k so the display should be very light.


Many thanx anyway.


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