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Rendering slices of pyro

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Dear Forumers,

I have a project where I am combining slo-mo explosions (from Houdini Pyro) with a few different parts of exploded sci-fi drones (that are comic book style, illustrated by someone).

I want there to be depth to the final output so I want to slice each pyro into 3 or 4 segments (perpendicular to the camera's LOS), so I can put the segments on top of each other with the drone wreckage in between, so different bits will be obscured by different amounts of smoke and fire.

I do not want to light the bits from the pyro (it doesn't have to be photo real/or even close, going for heavily stylized result).

I reckon I will be able to figure out the slow mo but I'm not sure how to render different depth slices of the pyro.


Thanks in advance for any help



PS: Want to use Redshift

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Dear Nick, Maybe 'Volume_Slice Sop' can help. You can visualize heat and or density attributes anywhere across the volume (I have no experience rendering that one though).

Another idea could be to play with the simulation box limits/size (the pink box) by setting the fire to not collide against it and let the box limit to clip it where you want.

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A quick and dirty hack is also to just adjust your camera near and far clipping planes to crop out sections in depth for rendering only a specific region.

Alternatively, use the VDB combine node to clip the cached volume to the intersection with a VDB box you have created.

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