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Instance with same downstream nodes but support additional nodes like deformation upstream

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I designed a procedural method to building thousand of hard surface modelling piece, scifi look like those below and could fit together like a puzzle.

Okay, that's cool and working. In the old time, i remember when using max for example i was able to use "reference" (not instance) where all downstream nodes were shared but the referenced piece B from model A could also have an additional node on top. Like for example deformation, creep and so..

I realize im missing how to do this in houdini and if it's possible. I design my pattern in a flat plane, then i will wrap it using Creep or VEX by UV.

but only this part will be different.

Hopefully my words are clear enough, are they ? :blush:




Vincent Thomas   (VFX and Art since 1998)
Senior Env and Lighting  artist & Houdini  & Creative Concepts








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I  saw that type of solution on "Telegram Some Russian Dudes" made tutorial about that ..I have files + you have those solution here 100%. gonna try to find files


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Maybe my question doesn't make sence . as soon as you deform/creep a pattern, there is no way to optimize much , there is much more than transform matric implied here, so i have to pay the price in poly count i guess

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