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Hey buddies, can anyone help me fixing this problem


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Heyo! Not in front of a machine with Houdini right now so can't test your scene file but I did notice from your images that it seems you've misspelled "@primnum" as "@prinum", maybe this could be the cause of your issues?
A good way to debug your vex code is to "print" the result of your operations, like getting attribute values from specific points etc, to a test attribute to see what the result is. That way you can quickly see if a function is not giving you the result you were expecting.

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On 5/12/2021 at 9:35 PM, Killswitch said:

I'm trying use seed attribute which is exported from pointvop to primitivewrangle and create cluster for my destruction please check the bellow file please help me out.




Hi ... look hip file. I use different way , maybe help u 


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