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matrix decrypting text effect

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I'm trying to replicate the text effect shown at the beginning of the attached video. Where the characters are randomized and then are replaced with ordered text. I hacked together something that is nearly a solution however it still have issues. I'm packing the characters in the font sop by centroid in a loop and using the resulting points to copy the random characters. But the alignment is messed up. Maybe someone can suggest a way to align the randomized letters. Or maybe someone can sagest a better way to create this effect in Houdini. 




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Librarian, thank you for this very interesting set up. It is a useful effect and close to what I'm trying for. It swaps the position of the letters instead of changing the character value of each letter.

Randomizing each character seems like something Houdini could handle. I think they should add an input on the font node. :unsure:

thanks, again!

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Hi bonassus !

You can get around the "input issue" with an expression referencing a string from somewhere else.
In practice, you can use the details expression to fetch a string from a specific node. This allows you to do any manipulation to that string, and the Font will happily regenerate every frame.

Here's my crude implementation of this idea




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