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Tiling in the COP VOP? - (just like the Tile COP)


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I am wondering how to tile in the COP VOP.
Maybe then you could pull off some nice tricks: tile and move only in certain areas based on conditions or move in certain directions based on vectors, etc..

I managed to create one tile to the right:

What would be a way to do this infinitely in every direction?

Thank you. :-)





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It sortof works when I export the images and use a Color Map VOP or a Texture VOP, which have a 'Repeat' option, 
(See forums.odforce.net/topic/48214-substance-warp-node-cop-equivalent/)
but those can't use the inputs (with [op:`opinputpath("../", 0)`], my guess is that this is why the COP Input VOP was made..) so this greatly reduces the procedural workflow..

You also have to write the Alpha channel out as a separate image, because you can't pick a channel in the Color Map VOP from a .png or .exr file, and the RGBA output doesn't output the alpha.


So I would still greatly appreciate it if someone could help us, to be able to use the COP Input VOP for this so we can acces inputs and channels directly...

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I was looking besides this also for looping Noises (found already those of 'techie'), but I hadn't seen this one yet, thanks.. Can you provide us with a link in your reply?

However this is about looping/tiling the input planes of the COP VOP.

Using this method of writing out/exporting is extremely annoying because the Color Map VOP and the Texture VOP do not automatically reload the textures when the files are overwritten by a new export. Restarting Houdini seems the only reliable way to reload the textures in COPs that are loaded via these VOPs.


Btw I have also logged this as an RFE to SideFX.. "Repeat" option for the COP Input VOP (RFE (ID# 114285).)
However it would seem possible in the Snippet VOP using these XRES/YRES variables , but my head starts spinning when trying to imagine it. It's just too hard for me at this moment.

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