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How to get donut sprinkle fx using pop


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I am trying to get donut sprinkle fx. like someone is dropping sprinkles to the donut for toppings. but i am not able to get it right. 

attached hip file is a basic POP sim setup, part i need help is when the particle stick to the geo/collider/donut the sprinkles are standing up. what i want is to randomly placed or stick on the geo. like the pic.

Donut help.jpg


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On 6/25/2021 at 1:16 PM, sipi said:

Do you want something like this?



Also, you can simply paint a `density` attribute and scatter points onto the donut based on `density`, set rotation and pscale attribs, then copy the sprinkles to those points, without any simulation.


Sorry, i think my purpose was not clear in the thread. 

My idea is, when sprinkles are falling, it has to have some kind of spin when its in the air, and as it collide with donut it  has to look like in real. not like what i got, Standing and looking like spikey. 

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