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How to make a animated object float in a flip fluid simulation


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I am trying to achive the effect of floating but with an animated alembic object. 
I have tried the feedback scale in the flip solver but this doesn't help me just nothing happening.

So now I am asking here, if someone has an idea how can I make a animated object float in a FLIP Sim, help would be very appreciated. 


The object is the starship rocket stage from SpaceX if someone here follows spacex :) - it should land in the ocean near Hawaii ;) - I've done a short animation but now I dont know how to make it float...


Thanks in advance 




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Only the RBD hero object can float and is affected by the feedback scale. Just use frame #1 of the alembic as a static collider and then parent the animated version to that. I'd go even further and simplify the collision object (which you're not going to render) to provide a more stream lined collider. If a primitive shape it more appropriate, such as a capped tube, just use that.


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Convert your Alembic into a single piece of deforming geometry. The easiest way might be to re-write the s@name so all parts share the same. You may have to unpack it first.

Inside a primitive wrangle:

s@name = "single_mesh";

Here is a simple example showing rotating font meshes twirling and interacting with the FLIP simulation while floating upon it.



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