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Paste node downstream

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I find myself often in a situation, particularly in SOPS, where I want to copy a node from one area of my graph and paste it into another. 
My gripe is that if I copy the original node, and then paste it to its new position, the copied node maintains its wiring to its original parent (which is almost never what I want).  I want to be able to copy it, select its new parent, and then have it wire itself in underneath its new parent when I hit paste.  Is that possible?  It seems to me like very logical functionality, so I'm wondering if I'm missing a shortcut.  

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Deselect the node before pasting, and it will paste as a disconnected node.

Edit: the above info is wrong. I seem to have had a brainfart, I could have sworn that this is how it worked, but you're right - it stays wired to the original parent.


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You can hold down the Y-KEY and drag your scissors across the connection, or rapidly shake the new node to break it loose. Don't forget to set your Shake Distance inside the Houdini preferences lower than 1. I typically leave it at 0.5.

I don't think it is possible yet, but you can leverage the SHIFT-ENTER variation from the tab menu. This will auto-connect the new node to the selected node. Instead of copying and pasting your node, type in the name of that node inside the tab menu search field and press SHIFT-ENTER instead of just ENTER.

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You can script something like this but you have to make sure you cover all cases properly if you want it to work well. For example what if you copy nodes that have multiple parent nodes as a whole, etc?

You can handle Ctrl+V action using this API:


Then you could do things like if there is no selection, behave as is, otherwise use your custom logic, etc.

I use the same API to create a context sensitive rule based hotkey system bound to the network editor. I talk about it in detail here if you are interested:


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