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particles along surface: surface moves??


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I want to control the movements of the particles on the surface by some velocity that I specified myself. I have looked up some posts here and I have tried to implement the particles along surface effect using pop network. However, it is not working as I want. I don't understand why my vex code over here is causing the surface to move too, I want the particles to move along the x-direction but only on the original geometry position, is this not the right way to do it?


Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 11.14.40 AM.png

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That should work, try something like this instead and be sure to ever creat a wrangle with vel pointing to x only and define this in the source input.


One interesting this is when using the minpos() and grain, some particules here like you could see in my stupid test are sticked to the left, struggle to find their way. only when usin grain but they follow correctly the terrains, stop .

Then using attribute interpolate, previous setup same scenario but you get that second picture now...





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