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Get random but connected points on a geometry


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Hey there!

I'm totally new to here and Houdini. Trying to learn it by doing some practical tests.

How can I get random points on a grid or any geometry? The condition is that they have to be connected. So, I would give it some number(or a range), it would create one "island" of points with that number. With some seed value I can change the pattern. (example below)

Can anyone give me some pointers?

Thanks a lot


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///1 points wrangle

float r = rand(@ptnum * chf("randseed"));
i@group_sources = r > 0.85;

/////2 wrangle
//group sources
int nears[] = nearpoints(0, @P, chf("maxdist"));
foreach (int pt; nears) {
    setpointgroup(0, "nears", pt, 1);


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Hi @cur10us,

I think I would mainly use the surfacedist() function.

First group a few target points:

rand(@elemnum, chi('seed')) < chf('chance')

Add noise to a custom position attribute:

v@pos = v@P + noise(v@P * freq);

Then measure the distance over the noised position attribute:

int pt_close = -1;
float dist = surfacedist(0, 'target', 'pos', i@ptnum, pt_close, 'edge');

And apply random ranges for each island.

float range = fit01(rand(pt_close), 0.2, 0.4);
i@group_island = dist < range;




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this is great. thanks guys! I'll check these out as I get the chance and come back If I have question. though, a quick one: is it possible to do this with vops? is one method more preferable over the other?

to me this is more readable and faster to analyze.

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