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Vop mix between many inputs

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So we all know the mix node in a point vop. If you feed in two sets of point positions. Then adjust the mix. You basically created a blend shape between the to positions.

Well. What if you have several position. So I have a animation. I save the position of the last 5 frames. How would I setup a mix to run across those 5 positions. For example

0% = current frame

20%=frame -1

40% =frame -2

and so on......

So I can paint an attribute and have different parts of the animation lag behind by different amounts.



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3 hours ago, revelationsr said:

In the simplest terms. I have a polygon. 4 points.

Point 1 = current frame

point 2 = frame -1

point 3 = frame -2

point 4 - frame - 4

So. I use a timeshifts to create attributes that stores the point position for frames -4 to current.

what about  "spline "  Function doesn't help? 


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