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Don't know why this wasn't posted before....

from the list:


Hi Everyone,

In case you don't already know, the first THUG meeting

is being held at the Overdraught pub on Front St (north

side, just east of University) on Wednesday, January 24

at 6 p.m.

This is your meeting so you can talk about what you want

and move it to whatever format you want in future. :-)

Jenny has named the place and time for this one so hopefully

some of you will take over from there.

At the very, very least it's a great opportunity to get together

and network with like-minded people.

An area in the front of the pub has been reserved for the THUG

people (hmm, maybe say Houdini to the bar staff...)



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How was it?

Wolfwood was voted president....

... it's all over... R.I.P. T.H.U.G...


(though "voted" may be the wrong word... more like everybody else was faster at hiding from Jenny)

I had to leave early but, Good Times.

Janet Fraser (sidefx) brought a picture album of early-day SESI... I got to see how JC used to look with, like, a full head of hair! Not to mention snaps of the first houdini (Prisms, actually) user meetings with ~15 users in some hotel room... hehehe.

I think it was decided to hold them monthly... but I'll let El Presidente speak on the finer points of the Organization :P ... hmmmm.... I wanna be Treasurer!

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Wolfwood was voted president....

... it's all over... R.I.P. T.H.U.G...

Much happened after you left my friend. My first act of being president was to raid the petty cash. When there wasn't any funds to be found I conscripted those around me and demanded they raid all the beer from the back. Sadly, while I was training my troops for my moment of glory, there was a peasant uprising on the other side of the room. By the time I realized there was dissent it was too late to quell the rebellion and I was overthrown.

However in my moment of defeat I was able to become the honorary secretary with a place still in the government.


PS: To those of you who are still loyal to me, your message is, "The duck flaps in the hot noon".

Edited by Wolfwood
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