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rendering like old engraving

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Hello everybody.
sorry for my english it is really not good.

a few years ago, i saw a "plug-in" which allowed to render images made with houdini which looked like old engravings.

I'm looking everywhere for this "plugin", but I can't find it anymore.

could someone tell me where i can buy this "plug-in"?


thank you to read me.


I wish you a really good day.


Bests regards

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ok, thank you very much.

+ Vex shader, i will try to learn VEX..

+ try  Renderman 24 you have ease config for those Things.. yes, but i don't want learn a new renderer

+ you have Vex shaders here in Topic shader each day, thank you

+ I gonna find something to Post  i like those images and Style.

it's exactly what i want.. but to see, only houdini 15 and 15,5


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WOW, thank you very much..

you are incredible!!

Konstantin magnus, it's exactly what i want.

Thank you very much.


Librarian, thank you, i can understand how create shader with your images.


THANK YOU.. really


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