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How to trigger vellum sim using noise?

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4 hours ago, Librarian said:

@carl45456 check this method and play a little bit .


Thanks, I tried fiddling with your example and it is a bit too advanced for me. Which part of your set up is using noise to animate vellum? I have a setup where I have noise animating on scattered points. My idea was to use the values given by the noise to decided whether my vellum should inflate or deflate.

My logic was, if noisevalue <0.2 {inflate} else if noisevalue > 0.8 {deflate} but I don't know where to start. I have been approaching it at dops level and I am not sure if that is correct.

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I followed this tutorial from John Lynch on the Houdini channel where he attached a null the the noise at sop level. Then he referenced it in the vellum solver using a vellum constraint property, then added some vex

float scale = fit01(rand(@primnum),0.25, 0.65);
int pt = primpoints(0, @primnum)[0];
float amount = point(2, "amount", pt);
restscale = amount;

After following it all the points in my scene only shrinks :/ 



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