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How can I pin RBD glued objects to a fix position?

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Hello there,

In a Packed-RBD glued simulation, how can I pin the base of a series of glued objects to a fixed position like a wall? I also need to control the angular stiffness...

I tried the "Bullet Soft Constraint Relationship", but no success!

Thanks for helping.


Packed RBD.jpg

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Whats up Masoud!

To fiz a piece to the wall you just have to inactivate it. You can add an i@activate = 0 to that specific piece (make sure you have it set to 1 on the other ones)

or you can use the "new" RBD Configure Object node, like this:


You must have both the Glue and Soft conrel inside dops to make the change when the constraint breaks, check it out:



I think this 4 nodes are the best to create everything you need:



I hope it helps.

I changed the constraint type to a more apropriate one, on the corners of each piece, I think it works better like (not sure if thats what you need though)





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Hi Alvaro,

Awesome tips...

Thank you very much.

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