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Multiple crashes without log since New specs


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Hello everyone,

I have a very weird issue occuring today. I recently upgraded my PC specs, and went from an Intel core i7 11800 to an AMD Ryzen 5950x, which also implied to change the mother board. I transitioned from a MSI Z370 SLI+ to a MSI X570-A PRO. Since then, I've been experiencing very weird crashes whenever my 32 threads reach 100% for more than 20 seconds. I'm facing this issue while doing voronoi fracture on a pretty basic geo, and the error still occures when I try to use just a cube with a few subdivisions. I'd really like to know if any of you faced the same issue or something similar,

Thanks in advance, 



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I ran several tests during this "voronoi" stuff I'm doing, and the heat only goes up to 43°C max before crashing. I will have a look at the Prime95 test, I didn't know about that before. Also, how can I drop back the multiplier on my CPU ? I'm really not a computer nerd type of guy sorry.


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Hey. Sorry for the (very) long delay before answering. It was actually a friend workstation and as I couldn't troubleshoot it myself I didn't know what to answer to this thread.

Turns out he had two deficient ram sticks.  

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