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[SOLVED]Procedural LetterForm ?


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  • Librarian changed the title to Procedural LetterForm ?(SOLVED)

@vinyvince I'm just crazy Rabbit .. when I have intersection on any curves and can make polygons with width and having control for these , in combination's I use also golden rules and (quad for each from points) to make endless positions that give me correct " beauty " and space, form and balance between ...here its other Fun Stuff.
Huge Help from Asia and Russian Artist.:wub:.....Indie Zone, GitHub ,Telegram,  and some diff Dark Sites :rolleyes:


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There are help available yes for suie, i have seen great chinse video too, now you just have to be sure your head will be happy to help as well with that :rolleyes:

Im have no screen code rotate 90, but im always working with a minimum of 3 houdini sessions and setup, i like to make my brain juggle, once it get stuck to one , it could give a try to the next one , i probably have some PDG code somewhere in my brain :)

At the moment dealing with a 4500 nodes HDA for Unreal, it's a bit a pain, going from Coffee to Camomille :lol: ,  i wish i could layout down the all thing is a large page like this ...



Vincent Thomas   (VFX and Art since 1998)
Senior Env and Lighting  artist & Houdini generalist & Creative Concepts


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it's huge difference Hobby and commercial,   its your choice :P...but now from last night  this its the part of OTL's in "Five elements Elf" so you can also have Fun end Share knowledge, instead of just Bubbling :D.


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  • Librarian changed the title to [SOLVED]Procedural LetterForm ?

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