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Found 18 results

  1. Hey everybody, This sop allows you to fit a text within a grid. If it is too big for the grid, it will resize. However, it is best to scale it after it fits inside a box, and the more words it has the longer it will take to calculate. Thought this might be useful to somebody in the future. Font_to_grid.hip
  2. Hi everybody! I need some help. How can I wrap text to a shape like on the picture below? UV layout wraps words in a shape but does it in a random way. I need to wrap a text in a shape yet to preserve the order of the words so the text makes sense. Any ideas or maybe some hda that can help with it? Thanks in advance
  3. Best approach in Houdini ? just wondering some really nice Art from Denis Kozlov .
  4. Woodkid created an amazing lyric music video with Houdini and compositing in After Effects. He mentions (at 22:29) that he used Houdini to create the font. I wonder if he means he created the font from scratch in Houdini and animated it in Houdini. I'll love to know how to create motion typography graphics in Houdini (I'm familiar with After Effects, Houdini opens up new doors). How did he go about creating the animated text?
  5. Hello! I am struggling with solving a fairly simple problem: Create radial text/font in Houdini! The more obvious route of the bend sop deforms the text geometry and for my purpose this is not suitable! How can I take a long string (a small one line sentence made of a few words lets say), and copy every single letter/character separately on to points of a geometry as attributes? IE: I have a string called "Houdini", I want "H" to be copied on point 0, "o" on point 1, "u" on point 2, "d" on point 3 and so on... (in this case the geometry is a circle with variable point count with proper orientation vectors). After this is done, the font SOP can be used to read the string attributes through a copy stamp setup and generate the text as polymesh but I'm not sure how to generate the text on a single line and turn it into individual string attributes on a geometry. Will this require some sort of an array operation or loop? IE put the whole text into an array and run an array loop of sorts? I'm not very comfortable with arrays and not a programmer so I really hope that there is a simpler way! I will happily share the tool/asset if anyone can give me some guidance I would appreciate it thank you!
  6. I have tried a lot of stuff and found topics on this problem but nothing seems to work. I want to pass string and float detail attributes to the Font SOP. How can this be done? fontsop.hip
  7. Hello; In a font SOP, is there any way to use "Persian" or "Arabic" fonts in Houdini? Thanks.
  8. Hi, I would like to be able to show each primitive number with a Font sop. I think I have the basic setup correct but I can't figure out how to do the rest of it, so I'm asking for your help. The second image is just by placing manually font to explain what I try to achieve. Thank's ! odforce_foreach.hipnc
  9. Hey guys, how can I convert every letter of a text into separate geometry at geo level? I want to make a rigid body animation and let the letters should fall on the ground. Thanks
  10. So I've been trying to follow this tutorial: at 13:24 he uses a stamp function and changes it to a 'stamps' (string) then particle fonts change to '0' and he continues with his tutorial. On my project however, 'stamps' doesn't do anything for me. Have I not set up the previous nodes correctly, or did i misuse functions? please help! MatrixScreen.hipnc
  11. Hello people, can someone explain to me, how to remove this unnecessary Edge?
  12. Hi guys I'm relatively new to Houdini, and I've been trying to make this little digital asset. Basically what I need is to set the 'Number Of Copies' integer field of a duplicate SOP to the number of RETURN characters in the text field of a Font SOP. Is this even possible? I can do this easily in C++ but I can't get the syntax right in Houdini and I don't know how to assign it to the current field for which I'm writing the expression. I tried using the foreach() loop on the text field, but I can't figure out how to do the string comparison. Please help. Thanks!
  13. Hey all, Im about to make a RBD emitter for some typography. I'd Like to know if there is a way to reference the number of a nodes name (e.g. blast1, blast2, blast3) within an expression (something like @textindex=@blastNUMBER??) to save me manually typing which group I would like to isolate? Cheers Jim
  14. d_k


    Hi, here's my first project using Houdini. My goal was to get in touch with Houdini by transforming skin to metallic letters. I wouldn't have been able to realize this effect without your help here on the forum. Thanks a lot! dk
  15. I use a Ligature Symbols font , in inkscape when i type time word can display a icon,but in houdini still show time word,can not show icon for me.How to solve it? my friends. Maybe I should say a more detailed: i use font http://kudakurage.com/ligature_symbols/ IconFont.hip
  16. 1. I wonder why the node name can't be digital-only, such as 1, 2 or 10.1. 2. And another problem, i want create a font with content was the number of the node name, such as the node name was s11 , the font content was 11, how can i get the number, opdigits(`$OS`) not working at font. 3. I can get the name by $OS in Hscript, how to get the node name use VEX, and where can i find all the VEX attributes? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!
  17. Hi, I am trying to write a custom plugin to draw text data in viewport using HDK. I am trying to use OGL_Render:: textMove3W and OGL_Render::putString function and calling it from within myCookSop which crashes houdini as soon as I use the putString function. I am also overriding renderShaded function but I am having trouble calling this function. Can anyone point me a piece of code that shows what functions I need to implement and from where and how do I call them. Thanks!
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