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X570 Aorus PRO - Ryzen 3900X memeory issues! Please help.


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Hello all,

I am on a Gigabyte X570 Aorus Pro (rev 1.1/1.2) with an AMD Ryzen 3900X, 64gigs of RAM and Linux Mint 20.3

I am having various random crashes and all the logs I sent to SESI indicate memory issues.

Has anyone experienced the same? I am really looking more for stability so I am thinking going back to Intel. Any recommendations?? Thank you for your time.


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If it's a memory crash, it may be related to those RAM chips. Try reseating them on your motherboard once you have turned off the computer. My Ubuntu went crazy for a short time when I added a new memory chip. After taking them all out an re-installing them into the motherboard (listen for that SNAP into place sound) my system is fine.

Don't discount heat, do the crashes occur under heavy load? You could also try dropping your CPU clock multiplier back 1x or 0.5x to see if that offers more stability.

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Hello Atom,

I just had a faulty DIMM replaced a couple of weeks ago. We did full memory+86 tests and everything was OK but only when we had XMP disabled. I am not messing with the CPU and also have disable core boost performance. Right now as I am writing, I have re-enabled XMP to see if it works better. For the moment I am rendering and its going fine.

Crashes have happened to various heavy and not heavy loads. When cahcing, rendering, making a flipbook...

I will try your advice and refresh the installation. Thank you very much

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3 hours ago, gpapaioa said:

I am really looking more for stability so I am thinking going back to Intel.

That has nothing to do with the memory or stability. If anything you're better off with ECC memory which Intel doesn't support on consumer platforms but AMD does (including the Ryzen 3900X you already have). Intel doesn't have a magic wand to make sketchy memory more stable.

I've had bad DDR4 memory module that memory tests never found an issue with. If you have more than one DIMM then I would try working with only one of them for a day, or half of them for a day, until you can narrow down which one is crashing. It could be the processor or motherboard but the memory modules are more likely candidates.

If you end up needing to buy more memory out of warranty you might consider ECC memory this time around. While a bad DIMM is a bad DIMM that needs to be replaced at least you'd get warnings and logs of corrected memory errors instead of hard crashes.

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