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Python: paste relative references (for ramp)


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So I cannot figure out how with python create a relative referenced ramp. The closest I got is to this:

# pseudocode

controller = 'my_controller_node'
target = 'polyextrude_node'
path = target.relativePathTo(controller) # or the other way around

controllerRamp = controller.parm('thicknessramp')
targetRamp = target.parm('thicknessramp')

# store the current ramp:
keys = targetRamp.evalAsRamp().keys()
values = targetRamp.evalAsRamp().values()

# set the expression on the thicknessramp parameter
expression = 'ch("' + path + '/' + controllerRamp.name() + '")'

# now the ramp is all broken, so I'm restoring the control points and give them expressions too
for i in range(len(keys)):
    key = targetRamp.name() + str(i+1) + 'pos'
    value = targetRamp.name() + str(i+1) + 'value'
    interp = targetRamp.name() + str(i+1) + 'interp'

    # set the keys, values and interpolations
    # and finally expressions
    expression = 'ch("' + path + '/' + key + '")'
    expression = 'ch("' + path + '/' + value + '")'
    expression = 'ch("' + path + '/' + interp + '")'

So this works fine as long I don't add new points to the controller node. Then ofcourse ramp creates new parameter names 'parmname15pos' etc... So the whole thing is not working properly.

This seams to be quite overengineered already... What am I missing that I have to use to do the copy / paste relative references for a ramp parameter?

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