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Point Based Animation in CHOPs

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I've been trying to engineer this effect that I found in this video, timestamp 19:01.

I think I understand everything but I can't figure out how to set up the CHOPs network in order to create this randomised resizing animation.

The closest I could get was by animating the internal edges to move in the X-axis at the SOP level and then randomising them and offsetting them inside the CHOP network but they start to overlap each other and it's not as perfect as the initial example video.

Any help would be much appreciated.



Grid Shift Sml.gif

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10 hours ago, mestela said:

Avoided the chops question, but sorta emulated the vibe with an attribute noise and some remapping of values.


Damn, that is really close, thank you so much. Always great to find a simpler approach.

Much appreciated and I am a huge fan of your wiki, been using it for years. Keep up the great work!

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