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RBD stick/stop at collision

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Hey guys

i tought that the pop collision detect sop would work in both pop solder and rigid bodies solver. 

i want that the rbd pieces sticky/stop when collide in a geomtry.

however i have no ideia how to build that in rigid bodies. 

please help me


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On 07/06/2022 at 12:01 PM, Librarian said:

@gangland One example that you can adapt I think. just play with psychical parameters and attributes .



Hey @Librarian 

Thank you so much for the insights.

Your setup its totally cool, build totally off from shelf. But its kinda too fancy for me.

I couldnt make an noise force work, i plugged an pop force sop in the last input in the mult solver but its seems this isnt the right way to do that.

also since the geometry are istancing after the simulation, we couldnt obtain an angular velocity @w, right?


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22 hours ago, Librarian said:


Dude you are a wizard, this setup is awesome, and way to easy to play with.

Now i need to study whats going on in the stick sop solver.



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