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pyro and volume rasterize attribute

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Hi Guy,

There is any magic formula to use between the pyro source; volume rasterize and  smoke objet volex size? I use a scatter point just before the pyro source.. The main problem arrived when I lower the voxel size of the smoke object, I have no more smoke or fire..


What's wrong?



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as we can see,they're some channel refs,suggest you break those connection and set them one by one,then check the data flow step by step;

and,why did you put scatter point operation before pyro source,pyro source can scatter pts by itself?for this i'm not sure because i cann't see the data.

so recommndation is check you rdata carefully again,cheers

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In this kind of situation I rather rasterize with vdb from particles and play with noises to get the values I want. vol rasterize can be unstable depending on your point count, while vdb from particles will always stay between 0 and 1 so that's cool for this. 

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