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Identify open surfaces


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I am sure this is an old issue but I could not find any threads about it.

I am trying to mark or identify open connected geometry with an attribute but I am having failed miserably.

I am trying this but I cant figure out how to mark the whole object soon as if it finds points with less than 3 neighbors, but I think my logic can be flawed.

int npts=npoints(0);

for(int pt=0;pt<npts;pt++){
    int nei = neighbourcount(0,@ptnum);

I am running this on primitives in a for each loop, so the idea is if it finds any points with less than 4 connection it should mark the whole connected piece as "open", but it isn't work as I expect I am having some faces in the middle of the connected pieces with different values.

I hope it makes sense.

Any tips?

Thanks in advance.

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