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Bacterial Growth with Bullet

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Trying to do bacterial growth with bullet, I can grow the bacteria rods with the v@scale attrib and then replace the extended rods with two split bacteria, that then grow and split:





The problem is that the rods don't get pushed around like I would like. They wind up all oriented the same and pile up on each other. I am sure it is due to how I am sourcing the split prims... When I simply spawn the rods and then grow them they push each other around properly:   spawn_bac_8-31.mp4


Here is the hip file with both the grow and split and the spawn: bac_replicate_rnd_01.hiplc

There's an old post on this topic that has a good reference for the bacterial replication, but no attempts at using bullet:

I also tried going back to 18.5 and using intrinsic transforms instead of what I suppose is the naive method of copying to points, - and using the reset bullet id trick instead of the @scale attrib as in H9.X - but the results were pretty much the same, here's the hip for that:  bac_rnd_18-5_01.hiplc

And also some other nice ref showing how the bacteria can twist and make strands ( ultimately the goal is to show a similar effect):  elife-32976-video3.mp4


I would appreciate any insight into this - a lot of this bullet stuff still seems like voodoo. For instance I am merging the new prims with existing prims and then deleting the old prims just to get the bullet attribs on them, I couldn't find any information about how to properly initialize new bullet prims for example. So thanks for any attention to this




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Thanks for the link Tesan- The hip visualizes data of bacterial movement but unfortunately doesn't show replication and most importantly for me isn't procedural. Might come in handy though!



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