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Multiple paths with POP Steer Path


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How does one deal with multiple paths in POP Steer Path I would like to be able to assign a list of possible paths to each agent particle instead of all the particles following all the paths. Currently I set up multiple sops and multiple agent groups but that's not very scalable.


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You could carve a single point down each path. Then use each path's carve end point as a goal point per-agent.

Use VEX: on pop steer node (I'd probably use a pop seek)


goal = v@goal_P;

After you have merged all your states, drop down a PopWrangle and use code to transfer the carved point's location to the v@goal_P. This code updates the distance to the goal on every frame. (i.e. path endpoint or carved point in motion).

// Update each agent's distance to the target point.
string agent_path = "op:/obj/geo_agent_setup/dopnet_crowdsim:crowdobject1/Geometry";            // Path to our agent database of attributes.
int agent_count = npoints(agent_path);                                                          // Number of agents in the system.
string scatter_path = "op:/obj/geo_agent_paths/OUT_CARVE_POINTS";                               // Path to our animated carve points. (a single point per path)
int scatter_count = npoints(scatter_path);                                                      // Number of points in the scatter.
for (int i = 0; i < agent_count; i++) {                                                         // Begin looping through all agents. (path point count assumed to be equal to agent count).
    vector agent_location = point(agent_path,"P",i);                                            // Fetch the point location of the agent.
    vector scatter_location = point(scatter_path,"P",i);                                        // Fetch the point location in the carve.
    float scatter_distance = length(scatter_location - agent_location);                         // Get distance from carve point to my location.
    vector final_location = set(scatter_location[0],agent_location[1],scatter_location[2]);     // The final location uses only the XZ of the scatter and the Y of the agent.
    setpointattrib(geoself(), "goal_distance", i, scatter_distance, "set");                     // Assign this distance to an attribute on myself. 
    setpointattrib(geoself(), "goal_P", i, final_location, "set");                       	// Assign this location to an attribute on myself.


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