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Solving banding issues in particle sims?


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Substeps on the popsolver are often the first place to look, but in your setup, I think you can remove the banding by setting the roughness on the pop force to a non-zero value. Try 0.333.

Another thing you could do is add a little randomness to the supplied velocity by altering the wrangle.

float rnd_mult = fit01(rand(@ptnum),0.001,0.1);
@v=@N*rnd_mult;     //0.01;


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Thanks a lot. The VEX code did it. Altering the roughness wasn't doing anything. Can you please explain what exactly is happening in your code? The normal is getting multiplied by a random number, which is very small. How come the velocity is not getting affected? For example, let's say I multiple 8 by 0.1, I get 0.8. So I will immediately see the difference. But using your code, I don't see much difference. Why?

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