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Making a LASER????


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Dear ODForcers,

I am (being generous maybe?) at an intermediate level in Houdini. I want to make a laser, but have no idea how to either "hack" a light, or create this asset. I could find no tutorial either.

How hard is this going to be?

Does anyone have some suggestions for me please? [not really sure where to begin]







PS: I need a kind of medium-range (I mean distance to the camera) laser, not a hero one. Ideally, it needs to mostly look like a very thin red, maybe slightly glowing, kinda cylinder. But obviously the dream is to have it act like light, and bounce as the ray trace rays would (reflect refract etc) [i have lots of these materials in a confined space]

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more necessary info
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Not sure whether you're looking for a long, continuous laser bouncing or somethign like laser bolts from a weapon, but I'd suggest using points to draw a line you can apply a polywire to, then carve along the line to show the laser path.

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I was thinking long continuous.

I was also thinking that it would (as aimed about) reflect off surfaces (multiple times) and refract AND lose energy as it went along AND/OR spread out when hitting a surface with rough reflections? Exactly like the real thing.

I was thinking creating a directional light that didn't illuminate everywhere would be a good way to go but A: don't know how to make or hack lights and B: the main thing I would want it to have is that kinda glowing all along the path that lasers have and an actual Houdini light wouldn't?


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