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Simulating a stiff edged Z shaped cloth


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Hi, I am trying to recreate attached effect in Houdini. 
- I made 3 planes in z shape
- remeshed it
- I ran vellum solver with a ground plane.

It's following a cloth like simulation but as you can see it needs stiffness on edges and some in middle so that when it falls, it stacks like card. I want to reverse the simulation like someone is pulling it upward and it unfolds. I am not sure how to achieve that. Any pointers will be super helpful. I am also attaching the hip file I am working on in case any one needs it.



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1 hour ago, fencer said:

Need sometihng more complicated but as a start point maybe just a cloth will work. Check hip.

Z_shaped_cloth_v01.hip 555.79 kB · 5 downloads


Hello Fencer, 
This was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much. I went through your setup and I gained some new perspective to do things procedurally.
There was this one attrib wrangle you used towards end for group mirror with i@copynum +=10; 
Could you please explain the significance of that?



There is a follow up animation to this where this z shaped band-aid is inserted inside a round hole/wound. I was thinking in this way to do that:
1) simulate the cloth as you have done in the file where I can use transform node to put it inside the wound. But it has to be done repeatedly(say 3 times) until wound is full. Some part of this gauge will remain left outside pressing the wound to give pressure.
2) For inserting, I can go for collision mesh in vellum cloth but I am not sure how to do it more than 1 time as transform is attached to top cloth. 
3) rest pressing stuff can be done by key frame animation.

I was also thinking of vellum brush for repeated insertion but as far as I know it's only a modelling node to give cloth a specific look.

Apologies, if it comes out as too much to ask. I am in learning phase and would love to gain some perspective to do things procedurally and neat way.

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14 hours ago, fencer said:

Check a good descrition of how vex works here https://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniVex

I suggest to start learning and play with more simple setups before diving into something like above. Start from a simple setup to prove idea.

Thank you so much. Surely will follow your advice.

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