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I need help to stop smoke passing through a thin collider


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5 hours ago, Masoud said:

Hi guys,


In a smoke simulation, I put a (deforming) thin collider on the top the emitter, but the smoke passes through it :(

I increased the DOP sub-step, but it doesn't work. How can I fix it?


Thanks for helping.

Smoke_Thin Collider_01.jpg

Smoke_Thin Collider_01.hip 1.08 MB · 0 downloads

Why don't you increase the thickness of the geo, just for collision purpose only

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The static objects collider display does not really show the collision geometry which is used in the sim. Houdini resamples the collider dynamically in sim and you can visualize it in the smoke object. Here you see what's really used and you see that the collider is not solid. So you have three possibilities: Reduce the voxel size of the sim or increase the thickness of the collider as already suggested by Sami or you can try to increase the Offset Surface in the solid object.

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