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19.5.435 Nodes that have cooked wont stop recooking down the line even though they should not!


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Maybe I have turned on/off a setting by accident?  Double checked and nothing pinned, nothing crazy.

But some strange reason, and I swear since 18.5+ Houdini seems to want to re cook something that it should not.

A simple example - If I convert something to vdb, and then smooth it, and below it put a filecache... before if you had just baked to vdb and then displayed the smooth and then go to save filecache, it didnt rebake the vdb or smooth node above.. but now does... and its really such a time suck repeatedly rebaking.

Feels like something post 18.5....



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Hmm, I'm not seeing that in H19.5.435.

Can you post an example HIP?

This HIP generates a high resolution VDB, caches it and then animates the cached frame. I receive no upstream cooks during this process.



What if you tried something like this as a workaround. Link a two-state switch to the Load File Cache switch to force everything upstream to essentially be a NULL?


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I see this same issue; it was a problem in earlier versions of Houdini that I thought had finally been resolved for good in H19, but nope, now it's back for me with 19.5.435.

I can confirm it's extremely aggravating to be trying to work in a scene and have unselected and undisplayed nodes cooking their networks for no apparent reason.   Frankly, it makes me want to just revert back to H19.0

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Likewise all in work scenes, unfortunately.  I'll have to see if I can reproduce it at home in a less-complicated setup. 

It was definitely an issue across multiple earlier versions of Houdini, I don't recall which, but I feel like the range was somewhere in H17 up to about H18.5 as you note, and our entire team was seeing it.  I never experienced it in any H19.0 build at all that I can recall, but it quickly became apparent again when I moved to H19.5

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