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For each primitive I need a point infection system.

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I need your help with something. For a project I have a faceted plane and for each facet:

- I scatter some points
- sort the points in x+ direction
- make a group for each point that is point nr. 0
- set infection start for each point that is in that 0 group.

That works all fine! Now here's the problem. When I wire in my for each end into the solver the infection starts spreading correctly but (of course) it infects all it's neighbors even when it's not from the same original primitive.
In an ideal world I would place my solver at the very end of the for each block so that it solves it for each primitive (but that doesn't work sadly) But in theory that's exactly what I need!

Is there someone that can bring me on the right track and solve this for me? My idea is to maybe create a point group for each primitive's scattered points and tell that to the solver somehow? But I have no idea how... 

I've attached the hip file to the thread and want to thank everyone in advance for their reply!



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15 hours ago, fencer said:


10 hours ago, Ziyad said:

Alternatively you could store the iteration number from the for-each loop as a point attribute, then use that inside the solver to only infect points with matching iteration number. Hope this helps!   

For_each_primitive_point_infection_system.hiplc 252.92 kB · 2 downloads

Thank you so much for both your reply's. These work really well! 

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4 hours ago, ThomasPara said:

You can speed up this solution alot if you get rid of the "foreach" network and dont search for nearby points inside the solver. The iteration-time on your solution will remove any kind of creativity.

For_each_primitive_point_infection_system_solution.hip 236.04 kB · 1 download

This is an incredible setup! I've learned a lot from your file. Sometimes I think of ways to do it like that, but then I have just no idea where to start. Thank you so much for this

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