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Copying and Pasting references issue!

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Hi guys,

A reference copy of a node works fine in the same network area, but it doesn't when I cut and paste it into another node.

For example, I have 3 material builders, and I would like to paste a reference copy of shaders into my other materials.

How can I fix it?


Thanks for helping.

Reference Copy.jpg

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They way I've approached this in the past is to use Python to generate my material nodes to begin with. Then I can click my shelf tool to blast out new copies of the materials which have the same parameters set.

If you are just trying to apply a "synchronized" material to multiple objects or instances and decoupling only a few parameters, consider supply attributes to those objects/instances instead. You can create a custom @index attribute on each object, then apply the same material to every object. Within the material you can reference that index, to drive a switch or bias mix field to blend or switch various maps or values on the master material.


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