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Remap Volume Colors

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Hey guys, I have a colorful smoke simulation and it would be pretty cool if I could remap this cached Cd later

Right now I'm creating the color on each emitter, then I cache the simulation and the colors look pretty bad on render.

I'd love to have some artistic control without having to make a new sim, with new colors, every time.

I'm attaching a Houdini file with a much simpler version of my scene, here's what's going on:






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I just found a way to make it work on my simple example but not on my real scene <_<

If my original colors are just a Red gradient, then I can easily remap this red to anything else:




it get's messed up if the colors are fading, like it would on a real sim (tried to emulate it with a vdb smooth)


So it would have to remap all the colors at the same time, not just the red.



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Ok, so here's something much closer to my original scene - it uses axiom solver though

I can totally remap the colors while the smoke is not moving, but it gets mixed up as soon as the smoke moves around. And it doesn't mix like this with the original colors, just with the remapped ones


The original ones:





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